Still Downloading Lists of Emails?

ON Feb 16, 2015 IN Marketing

You want to do targeted email campaigns. So you go into your CRM, filter the list you want, download it, then switch over to your email tool, upload the list, write and test your message and hit send. Repeat.


Feb 2015

Tracking New and Repeat Revenue

ON Sep 30, 2014 IN Reporting

Many service businesses rely on regular, repeat revenue from existing customers. It's important to have the tools to track how well your repeat business is doing.


Sep 2014

Put Your Best Foot Forward

ON Aug 13, 2014 IN General, Proposals,

Running a service business entails a lot more than just showing up and fixing the problem. To win the confidence of complete strangers, you need to look like you know what you're doing and always put your best foot forward.


Aug 2014